The Department of Statistics, formerly known as the Department of Accounting and Statistics, was one of the founding departments in NCCU in 1958. It was formally established in 1966, and is the first statistics department in Taiwan.

In response to the needs of the statistical profession, the Master program was established in 1968, and the Ph.D. program in 1988. These two programs were pioneers in Taiwan, in that the department was the first to offer a complete program in Statistics in Taiwan. Over the past four decades, the department has produced thousands of outstanding statisticians, whose performances have made the department highly recognized. The job market for our alumni is very promising with abundant opportunities in government, industry, business, academia, and other research organizations. Due to the strong academic tradition and outstanding training of the department, our alumni also play active roles in their professions. Many of our alumni hold influential positions in governmental statistics and accounting units, such as the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), while others hold positions in banking, financial holdings, insurance, high-tech, computer-related and sampling/survey industries, and academic units.

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  • Academic Ethics (1)
  • Probability (3)
  • Topics in Linear Models (3)
  • Topics in Mathematical Statistics (6)
  • Reading and Research (4)
  • Statistical Consulting (3)
  • Bayesian Decision Theory (3)
  • Large Sample Theory (3)
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis (3)
  • Nonparametric Function Estimation (3)
  • Response Surface Methodology (3)
  • Robust Regression Analysis (3)
  • Statistical Learning (3)
  • Statistics and Information Theory (3)
  • Topics in Hypothesis Testing (3)
  • Topics in Martingale Limit Theory (3)
  • Topics in Permutation Tests (3)
  • Topics in Stochastic Calculus (3)

Program Structure

Credits required for graduation 34 credits
Duration of study 3 to 5 years
Graduation requirements
  1. Complete Course Credits Required
  2. Pass Qualifying Exams
  3. Meet Points Requirement for Journal Publications
  4. Pass Oral Exam for Dissertation Defense
  5. Meet Requirement for English Proficiency
Degree conferred Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Application Materials

  1. 500-word autobiography in English
  2. Study plan written in English
  3. English Proficiency Test Score Required (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS)
  4. Original Transcript of Highest Degree Conferred
  5. Research Performance
  6. Two Letters recommendation in English
  7. On-line Interview might be Required

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