Established in 1985 to offer graduate level education in insurance under the name of Graduate Institute of Insurance. The establishment of the Graduate Institute and the Department is accredited to Professor Vincent Sze, Professor Chao Chang Yang, and Professor Tsung-Wei Yuan.

Since its founding the Department is the leading department in the fields of risk management and insurance in Taiwan. Over the years, this Institute has been devoted to conducting research and training researchers, professional managers, and regulators in the field of insurance. This Department will definitely be a dominant force in the risk management and insurance sector in the future.

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Core Courses

  • Introduction to Risk Management insurance Law
  • Insurance Theory
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Current Topics in Property Insurance Practice (I)
  • Current Topics in Property Insurance Practice (II)
  • Reinsurance
  • The Operation and Management of Life Insurance Seminar
  • The Operation and Non-Life Insurance Seminar
  • Seminar on Enterprise Risk Management
  • Seminar on the Operation of Bank Insurance

Track Courses

Required Courses
  • Insurance Financial Management
  • Insurance Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Research Method in Empirical Insurance Studies

Two of the following courses are required to take:

  • Social Insurance
  • Financial Marketing
  • Longevity Risk and Pension Seminar
  • Analysis of Investment
Elective Courses
  • Seminar on Insurance Financial Management
  • Performance Assessment of Financial Institutions
  • Practical Issues on Financial Services Marketing
Required Courses
  • Life Contingencies
  • Continuous Time Stochastic Modeling and Practice
  • Risk Theory
  • Pension Mathematics
  • Actuarial Science and Non-life Insurance
Elective Courses
  • Risk Management Decision Analysis
  • Simulation in Risk Analysis and Insurance
Required Courses
  • Analysis of Insurance Cases
  • Seminar on Insurance Policy
  • Seminar on Related Subjects of Insurance Law
  • International Perspective of Insurance Regulation
  • Anglo-American Insurance Law and Cases
Elective Courses
  • Marine Insurance-International Financial and Investment Law (I)
  • International Financial and Investment Law (II)
  • Practice in insurance Law
  • Seminar on Civil Law
  • Financial Holding Company Regulation and Risk Management

Program Structure

Credits required for graduation Management Track: 40 credits
Actuarial Science Track: 26 credits
Law Track: 34 credits
Duration of study 4 to 7 years (max.)
Graduation requirements
  1. Complete Course Credits Required
  2. Pass Qualifying Exams
  3. Meet Points Requirement for Journal Publications
  4. Pass Oral Exam for Dissertation Defense
  5. Meet Requirement for English Proficiency
Degree conferred Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Application Materials

  1. Postgraduate Transcript
  2. Certificate or proof of Chinese courses taken or Chinese language proficiency test results
  3. English proficiency test results (TOEFL, TOEIC, GEPT, ect.)
  4. Master thesis or other academic articles
  5. An internet interview through internet might be required

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