With all its might and forces, Taiwan has risen to the world stage famed for its world-leading tech industry, with many first-tiered universities (ranked 19th in the QS Higher Education System Rankings) on the line. Not only does Taiwan earn its reputation as the leader in Asia for its research and innovation, its strong-corporate reputation, economic growth, and low levels of crime and unemployment rate suggest graduates of Taiwan are well-sought after by domestic and overseas employers.

Taiwan as the heart of Asia is vibrant in its cultures, languages, and religions. With close geographical proximity to its neighboring countries (Japan, Singapore, Korea, China, …ect.), it is well-known for its adaptive nature of different cultures, adding different influences to its unique identity, along with its deep-rooted Chinese cultural backgrounds evident in its tradition, cuisine and language.

An increasing number of overseas students are choosing to study in Taiwan, for its comparatively affordable expenses both in tuition fees and living costs. Taiwan has 36 entrants in the latest Asian rankings, with 5 universities listed in the top 50; wherein the most famous business college is at National Cheng-chi University (NCCU).

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