Programs Structure and Study Route Map

NCCUC takes on cross-department structure of the school and a network of first-tiered partnerships to provide global outreach and local knowledge through exceptional supervisory capacities. You will benefit from personalized study route so that cross-fields academic excellence can be fashioned by learning through multiple path, building impact in your institute, society, and culture at large.

Our Core & Elective Courses

Meanwhile, NCCUC’s doctoral programs adapt an inclusive approach with strong focus on actionable learning in order to apply tactical frameworks for research and in workplace. Our professors and lecturers are experts in their research fields, and had real-time working experience with enterprise across-nations. Their experience and network incorporates real-world scenarios through innovative case teaching methods. Students can combine their elective choices in a way that best meets their career goals and professional commitments to create a truly global portfolio.

A Curriculum Design with Asia-Pacific Focus

Courses within NCCUC’s doctoral programs are designed to train high-level professionals and entrepreneurs from the private and public sectors to cultivate a next generation of intellectual minds dedicated to the growth and sustainability of Asian business management’s research. As the Pan-Asian focus driven programs, the purpose is to cater the needs of Asia based cases and business models while preserving their universal qualities. This would benefit our student’s career development in the future as the emerging markets in Asia have been the pivot of global economic growth and are expected to play a more important role in the future.

Our curriculum covers the latest business trends in topics such as big-data, value-creating innovation, Fintech, banking and finance, branding with digital and social networks, and family business. The inverted economy pyramid in Asia makes the latest trends of studies in digitalization (i.e. Big data, digital marketing, Fintech, and Blockchain) especially important in Asia. With the highest number of poor populations in the world, multinational company would need solutions and strategies to address a population with low purchasing power. And these will be the integral parts in just about all programs.

Course Curriculum Booklets

Suggestive Study Route

A Doctoral degree at NCCUC averages 4-5 years to complete. The first year tends to be foundational—with coursework designed to immerse your incoming cohort into the field. During subsequent years, students are required to complete coursework, take examinations, assemble a Doctoral Committee chosen from faculty, advance to candidacy, and write a dissertation. It is also a time open to myriad research and professional development opportunities. Below is our suggestive study route map for prospective and incoming students. Details will vary by program.

Study Route

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