As the first of its kind, the Department of MIS at NCCU was established in 1984, leading and leaded other national universities in Taiwan. The Department inaugurated with the doctoral program was set in 1996, it has been one of the most complete and excellent educational institutes for nurturing MIS professionals.

The mission of this Department is to provide an integrated environment for effective education and research in the field of MIS. Its ultimate goal is to better promote Taiwan’s economic and commercial social viability sustainability through nurturing highly skilled technical technological professional staff, developing advanced theories and practices for information systems development and management, and enhancing.

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The Department provides the following categories of courses for students:

  1. Business and management knowledge
  2. Information management
  3. Decision science
  4. Information technology
  5. System integration and application

Our course curriculum comprises of a minimum 28 credit units of coursework, of which 17 credits are required courses and 11 credits elective courses.

  • Topics in Information Management
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Seminar in Information Systems and Technology
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods
  • Seminar
  • Academic Ethics
Fall Semester
  • Advanced Collaborative
  • Mobile Commerce and Big Data Management
  • Artificial Intelligence and It’s Applications
  • MIS Papers Review
  • Data Mining and Big Data Analytics
  • Information Systems Theory
  • Electronic Commerce Electronic Business and Electronic Government
Spring Semester
  • Mobile Commerce and Big Data Management
  • The Application Research of Artificial Neural Networks, Metaheuristics algorithms
  • Financial Trading Strategy and Big Data Analytics
  • Blockchain and Smart Contract
  • Blockchain, Ethereum and Smart Contracts
  • Service Science and Service Innovation
  • Service Science and Intelligent Technology

Program Structure

Credits required for graduation 28 credits
Duration of study 4 to 7 years (max.)
Graduation requirements
  1. Complete Course Credits Required
  2. Pass Qualifying Exams
  3. Meet Points Requirement for Journal Publications
  4. Pass Oral Exam for Dissertation Defense
Degree conferred Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Application Materials

  1. Autobiography in Chinese or English
  2. Postgraduate transcript
  3. Study plan in Chinese or in English
  4. For non-native speakers of English, TOEFL, or TOEIC score, or other proof of equivalent English Proficiency test is required.
  5. Master Thesis
  6. Other Application Materials in the applicant’s favor (GRE, or GMAT score)
  7. Please prepare a 2-minutes video or short video clip with a brief overview of your contents spoken in Chinese or English

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