The International Doctoral Programs in NCCUC offer a wide selection of high-quality, English-taught courses from which you must select each semester to craft your study plan and meet your program’s requirements.

The course enrollment process consists of five (5) phases: Online Course Selection I, Online Course Selection II, Online Course Add/Drop, System Manual Add/Drop with Instructor’s Approval, Course Withdrawal. Please refer to the Class Selection Schedule for 2019 First Semester for relevant dates concerning course enrollment. If you have any questions regarding the enrollment or courses (ex. the courses needed to fulfill your degree requirements), please consult your academic department or program office.

NCCU Course Search Engine

The NCCU website allows you to browse quickly through all NCCU classes offered and to search for a course of your preference. (In order to switch to the English webpage, click the “English” button on the right upper corner)

Online Course Selection System

The NCCU website further allows you to execute your course selection online during the abovementioned phases: Online Course Selection I, Online Course Selection II.

Step-by-step Guide

We have also prepared a step-by-step guide in English that you can follow to find, select and add the courses to your course selection system. Please download the guide from the following link for your convenience.

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