Please pay tuition before the deadline as stipulated in the “Regulations for Paying Tuition.” Your full tuition statement can be downloaded from the following webpage:

Tuition Statement

(Registration Section: Tel. 02-29393091 x63279)

Payment for Tuitions

  1. Starting on August 7, 2018, tuition statement can be downloaded from the following webpage:
  2. Payment can be made at any branch of First Commercial Bank in Taiwan with the tuition statement. Students can also choose to pay in convenience stores, post offices, or at university cashier’s counter. For detailed information please refer to tuition statement. Please keep the receipt so that students can procure it upon request (students that want a refund should pay tuition at the First Commercial Bank counter).
  3. After the final deadline for the tuition payment suggested on school calendar (download from here). The bank may no longer process the payment after the above-mentioned date, and late payment two weeks after the deadline will either be put on suspension when students have not reached their maximum suspension periods, or their student status will be withdrawn permanently according to university policy.

Payment for Credit Fees

Students below should pay additional fees per credit hour after the add-drop period according to school policy. If the credit fees are not paid on time, you will receive a grade of zero in these courses.

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