Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Academy for Young Entrepreneurs

The objective of NCCUC is to serve a community of mindful entrepreneurs and impactful scholars with constructive research environments in order to assist them when carrying out research. By guiding them through the most inspiring and front-ended courses, our students will be able to deliver business impacts transnationally and contribute to the advancement of company growth and a more sustainable future.

Our programs are specifically designed in light of the increasing needs of entrepreneurial leaders to address different business problems and develop new methods to stay ahead in this fast changing market place.

Innovative Thinking

Specialized Curriculum that Inspires Innovative thinking

Our course curriculum is specifically designed to assist students to fulfill their career goals while leaving impact in their own organization and society at large. The personalized learning pathways encompass a set of up-to-date practice that transcends the current disciplinary boundaries and influence stakeholders of all levels, whether in business, government, or society.

By combining academically rigorous education with business practice, NCCUC’s PhD programs can help students to upgrade their business knowledge, enhance their analytic skills and improve their critical thinking through modules delivered by our lecturers.

Four Fundamental Values

NCCUC equips students with an international perspective driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, cultivated from innovative thinking and influenced by cultural diversity.

Cultural Diversity

Students with Global Visions

NCCUC’s global vision is premised on offering a learning environment characterized by diversified curricula blending oriental and western intellectual traditions. This will allow future business leaders to be informed with global perspectives, innovative skills, professional specializations, and an appreciation of humanity.

By providing this learning environment our alumni have a better understanding of how diversity affects business and how adaptability to cultures is a key component to a successful business.

Business Ethics

International Standards of Social Responsibility

As a pioneer in business education in Taiwan, NCCUC focuses on business ethics education in line with international standards. We are committed to promoting the importance of business ethics and social responsibilities in order to create a sustainable growth for common wealth (society). Our mission is to encourage our students to develop a deep understanding of corporate responsibilities and provide them with the tools for recognizing and responding to ethical issues.

By setting a high standard ourselves, we can give our students positive influences and engage them at an individual level, creating a more ethical, responsible, and sustainable society in NCCU, Taiwan, and the world.

Leading Innovation in Business Education in Taiwan.