Wei-Chi Tsai

Job Title Professor and Dean
Office Tel No. 88610
Email weichi@nccu.edu.tw
Research Expertise Human Resource Management Recruitment and Selection Training in Organizations Organizational Behavior Moods at work
Teaching Field
  • Training in Organizations
  • Human Resource Research Methodology
  • Human resource Management
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Seminar in Human Resources Management
Unit Dept. of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration Program
Year Paper Title
2017 Tsai, W. C.;Chen, H. Y.*, 2017, 'A multilevel investigation of antecedents of employee positive affective displays: The roles of customer negative affective displays and employee perceived supervisory support, ' European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Vol.26, No.3, pp.385-398.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 412540
2017 Hsiung, H. H.*;Tsai, W. C., 2017, 'The joint moderating effects of activated negative moods and group voice climate on the relationship between power distance orientation and employee voice behavior, ' Applied Psychology: An International Review, Vol.66, No.3, pp.487-514.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 413259
2016 Tsai, W. C.;Chen, F. H.*;Chen, H. Y.;Tseng, K. Y., 2016.03, 'When will interviewers be willing to use high-structured job interviews? The role of personality, ' International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Vol.24, No.1, pp.92-105.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 409651
2014 巫敘竹;蔡維奇*;黃嘉雄;康嘉玲, 2014.12, 'The compensatory effects of non-pecuniary attributes and the moderating effects of applicant dispositions on applicants’ acceptance of lower-pay jobs, ' 人力資源管理學報, Vol.14, No.4, pp.57-88.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者), 406683
2014 Posthuma, R. A*;Lievens, F.;Schollaert, E.;Tsai, W. C.;Levashina J.;Garcia, M. F., 2014.05, 'Comparing employment interviews in Latin America with other countries., ' Journal of Business Research, Vol.67, No.5, pp.943-951.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 395920
2013 Chi, N. W.*;Tsai, W. C.;Tseng, S. M., 2013.02, 'Customer negative events and employee service sabotage: The mediating role of employee hostility and the moderating roles of personality and group affective tone, ' Work and Stress, Vol.27, pp.298-319.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 387267
2012 蔡維奇;吳祉芸*, 2012.08, '辯解有效嗎?談應徵者防禦型印象管理策略對面試官心理評價之影響, ' 組織與管理, Vol.5, No.2, pp.57-99.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者), 330227
2012 Tsai, W. C.;Chi, N. W.*;Grandey, A. A.;Fung, S. C., 2012.07, 'Positive group affective tone and team creativity: Negative group affective tone and team trust as boundary conditions, ' Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol.33, No.5, pp.638-656.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 340426
2012 Tsai, W. C.*;Huang, T. C.;Yu, H. H., 2012.03, 'Investigating the unique predictability and boundary conditions of applicant physical attractiveness and nonverbal behaviors on interviewer evaluations in job interviews, ' Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Vol.85, No.1, pp.60-79.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 329801
2012 Tsai, W. C.;Chen, H. Y.*;Chen, C. C., 2012, 'Incremental validity of person-organization fit over the big five personality measures, ' The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, Vol.146, No.5, pp.485-509.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 364080
2011 Chi, N. W.*;Chung, Y. Y.;Tsai, W. C., 2011.06, 'How Do Happy Leaders Enhance Team Success? The Mediating Roles of Transformational Leadership, Group Affective Tone and Team Processes, ' Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol.41, No.6, pp.1421-1454.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 290136
2011 Tsai, W. C.*;Chi, N. W.;Huang, T. C.;Hsu, A. J., 2011.04, 'The effects of applicant resume contents on recruiters'' hiring recommendations: The mediating roles of recruiter fit perceptions, ' Applied Psychology: An International Review, Vol.60, No.2, pp.231-254.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 307974
2010 Tsai, W. C.;Huang, T. C.;Wu, C. Y.*;Lo, I. H., 2010.06, 'Disentangling the Effects of Applicant Defensive Impression Management Tactics in Job Interviews, ' International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Vol.18, No.2, pp.131-140.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 290135
2010 Tsai, W. C.*;Yang, Irene, W. F., 2010.03, 'Does Image Matter to Different Job Applicants? The Influences of Corporate Image and Applicant Individual Differences on Organizational Attractiveness, ' International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Vol.18, No.1, pp.48-63.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 290134
2009 蔡維奇*;陳建丞;陳皓怡;宋立國, 2009, '應徵者印象管理戰術與面試官評價:面試官作筆記行為的干擾效果, ' 管理學報, Vol.26, No.5, pp.577-597.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者), 290139
2009 蔡維奇;楊文芬;林正偉, 2009, '面試官行為、企業雇用形象對應徵者工作選擇意圖的影響:以國防役男甄試為例, ' 台大管理論叢, Vol.19, No.2, pp.295-320.(TSSCI), 237991
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2008 紀乃文;陳皓怡;楊美玉;鄭妃君;蔡維奇*, 2008, '個人─工作適配量表發展:多元構面觀點, ' 管理學報, Vol.25, No.5, pp.577-598.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者), 237999
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Year Book Title
2014 Tsai, Wei-Chi*;Huang, Tun-Chun, 2014, 'Impression management during the recruitment process, ' The Oxford Handbook of Recruitment, Oxford University Press, pp.314-334.(*為通訊作者), 406638, 2014/01
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